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Each year, the Maryland Chapter, College of Cardiology (MDACC) recognizes dedication to and excellence in cardiovascular medicine in the state of Maryland. These distinct and special awards are presented at the Annual Meeting. Nominations can be sent to the MDACC Chapter Office by September 15th of each year to be considered by the chapter awards committee.

Founder's Award

The recipient is honored for his/her contribution(s) through initiating, developing and sustaining a significant and worthy change in the mission, goals, activities and/or policies of the Maryland Chapter, College of Cardiology (MDACC) through exceptional, sustained leadership to the Chapter.

2022            Joseph Marine, MD, MBA, FACC

2018            Anuj Gupta, MD, FACC
2017            Jennifer Ray Beckman, MBA, CAE
2015            Marc Mugmon, MD, FACC
2014            Edward Kasper, MD, FACC
2013            Samuel Goldberg , MD, FACC 
2012            Kenneth Baughman, MD, FACC, awarded posthumously
2011            Roger Leonard, MD, FACC
2010            Donald Dembo, MD, FACC

Distinguished Service Award

The recipient is honored for exceptional dedication and service to the members, committees, council and/or staff of the Maryland Chapter, College of Cardiology (MDACC).

2021         Catherine Benett, MD, FACC; Andrew Choi, MD, FACC; Victor Soukoulis, MD, PhD, FACC

2019            Jae Patton, CRNP, AACC

2012            Michael A. Solomon, MD, FACC

Special Achievement Award

The recipient is recognized for his/her exceptional and outstanding support of a specific project or goal that is a direct reflection of the mission of the Maryland Chapter, College of Cardiology (MDACC).  This award can also be bestowed for exceptional and outstanding support of worthy projects of other organizations, the purpose of which the MDACC strongly supports.

2021            Matthew Goldstein, PA-C; Jae Patton, CRNP, AACC; Angela Street, CRNP, MSN, AACC

2019            Amy Dukovcic, CRNP

2018            Martin Albornoz, MD, FACC

2011            Frank Ryan
2010            Scott Friedman, MD, FACC

Presidential Citation

The recipient is recognized for continued dedicated service, usually for several years, that results in strengthening cardiovascular medicine.  As a result of action by the recipient, resources are available so that others may carry on widely recognized and acclaimed programs that further the mission of the Chapter, assist in fighting cardiovascular disease and/or strengthen the health care community in a positive way for the citizens of Maryland.

2021            Yuri Deychak, MD, FACC

2016            Robert Shor, MD, FACC
2014            Yuri Deychak, MD, FACC; John Shuck, MD, FACC; Stafford Warren, MD, FACC
2013            Herb Tanenbaum, MD, FACC 
2012            Janet Wright, MD, FACC

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