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Fellowship in the ACC won’t change the cost of your membership. But it will give you instant recognition as a leader in the field.

When you add FACC to your credentials, you’ll be recognized by employers, colleagues and patients as a leader in the field working to move cardiology forward. You’ll have the chance to collaborate with top cardiology professionals worldwide. And you’ll solidify your reputation as the future of cardiology.

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We have received feedback from many that while this is a great idea, the timing is difficult. We will relaunch in the fall and will share the new dates well in advance so that you may hold the time in your calendars.

FIT Education

Your Proactive, Successful Career-Launch

Join Jim McKenna, MBA, PCC, a renowned physician career coach, for a seminar aimed at third year FITs to gain information essential to intentionally launching  the career they envision.  This is a three part course that will: give participants a deeper sense of how to examine and construct their own individual career path(s), have a better understanding of how to contribute to their positive “brand”, and have a better understanding of what physician engagement means to them personally. 

There are 17 seats to this course and participants are expected to clear their work and personal schedule to be able to join all three session.   This is a first come, first served opportunity.

Dates: March 17, April 7 & May 5

Time: 6:00pm EDT

Location: Zoom

The Maryland Chapter is committed to providing resources, mentoring, network, and educational forums for FITs. See below for what the chapter is currently offering and get involved.  


As part of the Mid-Atlantic Capital Cardiology Symposium (MACCS) held at Heart House the weekend prior to Thanksgiving the chapter hosts the FIT Forum. This educational event focuses on non-clinical competencies; things you aren’t going to learn on a daily basis in training. Join other FITs from around the Mid-Atlantic to learn about personal finance, work-life balance, and negotiation among other topics. 

Everyone loves FIT Jeopardy! The MDACC team competes at the MACCS meeting in two ways: Hopkins and Maryland and the Military Services go head-to-head for a slot at the ACC Annual Scientific Session as the prize. Once that is figured out, Virginia, Delaware and the best of Maryland compete for the MACCS prize. It's a special way to represent.

Each spring the Chapter hosts a reception at a local restaurant for all FITs to celebrate the graduation of the third and fourth year FITs and also to let them know that ACC is their cardiovascular home for life. Information is posted on this page about the date as it gets closer.


The ACC Legislative Conference is held every fall in Washington, DC. This conference brings together members from every state to advocate on Capitol Hill for laws that will improved cardiology practice and have positive impacts on patient lives. Issues are briefed and all attendees spend a day on 'the Hill' meeting with their lawmakers. MDACC sponsors travel stipends for a limited number of FITs. Click here to learn more about the conference. Contact Jennifer Ray Beckman ( if interested in the travel stipend.


Why join?

  •, JACC Journals, other ACC products provide a wealth of material for your cardiology education
  • The ACC is invested in your career development & has numerous resources to help launch the type of career you want to have
  • Through the ACC, you can learn important leadership, networking, and advocacy skills
  • You will meet lifelong colleagues, friends, and mentors 
Click here for more information and/or here for the Online Training Program Portal Instructions. 

FIT Committee

Interested in joining and contributing to the committee's efforts? Complete this application.

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